Creating has always been a part of me.

I'm a natural born artist. Ever since I was a child I knew that I was a creator. Art class was always my favorite class of the day and at home I always had my crayons. I grew up having ADHD and it was hard for me to focus on most things, but art was different and the colors excited me. I also liked that I didn't have to color in the lines. I could do, draw, color, and create whatever my mind wanted. It was when I made a painting for my aunt that I remember the first time of feeling like an artist. I gave it to her as a gift for her birthday, which she loved. But it was my nanni's reaction that stuck with me. She said "My dear Colby, you have a gift and you need to share it with the world."

I loved my nanni dearly. She was always so kind and bright and she loved art. She even worked for the Smithsonian Art Museums for a long time. Art is what brought her happiness. She had paintings and books of paintings all over her house and she would just love to sit and have a conversation with you. It wasn't until years later that I realized the potential she saw in me as an artist. Sadly, by that time, my nanni had passed away from a battle with Breast Cancer. It was in her memory that I started Colby's Creations in hopes to inspire others and share that gift my nanni said I have with the world.

I'm creating projects too! Mental Health Capsule is a new community-based brand and platform that I started with my boyfriend to help raise awareness and connect users who have shared experiences. I'm also the host of the podcast 'I Wish I Never Said That' which you can find on Spotify and iTunes. Click below to see all the projects I'm working on and follow me on my channels.

Yours truly,

Colby Evans

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